Message from the Principal

Inclusion at Pius XII School

As the Principal at Pius XII School it has been a pleasure to meet so many welcoming families over the past few years. It is my goal to help the community of Pius XII to continue to build a place of learning that is inclusive for all.

Safety is the first condition for learning and for inclusion. Educators strive to structure safety for students on all levels: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. We provide a safe learning environment for our students when we treat everyone in our community with dignity and respect, and when we listen to their voices on issues of common concern.

Parents and care-givers play an important role in modelling inclusive behaviour; we invite you to share any thoughts or suggestions for inclusive practices.

We should consider the words of Jean Vanier:

"The health of a community can be measured by the quality of its welcome of the unexpected visitor or of someone who is poor, by the joy and simplicity of relationships between its members, by its creativity in response to the cry of the poor."

About Pius XII

Pius XII is a JK to 6 Catholic school serving the community of Minnow Lake in the Greater City of Sudbury.  It offers regular English programs, FDK (Full Day Kindergarten), Core French and Care and Development.

Mission Statement

Pius XII Catholic Elementary School is a community that nurtures a faith-filled educational experience for all.  ‘Everyone succeeds, Everyone counts!’ is our belief that supporting individuality by way of fostering community is at the heart of Catholic education.  At Pius XII we recognize that each student, staff member, parent, and community partner, is unique and each is in the pursuit of success.  Our aim is to provide educational experiences that will foster success through personal growth and development, inclusion, academic skills, creativity, problem-solving, cooperative learning, and faith development. 

Vision Statement

‘Everyone succeeds, Everyone counts!’


More About Sudbury Catholic Schools

Our Mission

"To realize each student’s potential within our inclusive Catholic learning community by nurturing and developing their mind, body and spirit. "

The Sudbury Catholic mission statement answers the questions who are we, and what do we do. Every organization needs to define its fundamental purpose, philosophy, and values. Our mission statement explains why our organization exists, and describes the needs our organization was created to fill.

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