Faith at Pius XII

The students and staff at Pius XII school celebrate their Catholic faith daily. Our faith nurtures us to follow in the footsteps of Christ our Saviour. Our daily prayers feed us spiritually, teaching us the importance of who we are as Catholic students and educators of Pius XII school.

Visiting God’s home at Holy Redeemer parish makes us a part of the church community as we celebrate with staff, students, parents and parishioners. Every month, the teachers take time in preparing their students to take part in reading the important message of the Bible.

Monthly we celebrate the virtues that link with our Catholic Graduate Expectations that help us build character and to become people who serve and live life with Jesus. The virtues we celebrate are: respect
faith, justice, patience, responsibility, compassion, honesty, stewardship, empathy and forgiveness.


Pius XII offers the Rainbows program. This year we have two support groups. Rainbows is for children who are living in single parent families, step-families or families that may be going through painful transitions. Rainbows is a support group to assist your child in expressing and understanding his/her feelings, to feel acceptance for what has happened, and to feel a sense of belonging and love.

Food Drives

Annual food drives are held at the school to help fill the shelves at the local food bank. The drives are held to enhance our Catholic and Christian spirit in helping members of our community who are in need.

Holy Childhood Association

The students of Pius XII school supported the Holy Childhood Association, an International Mission club. This world wide club introduces children to the life experiences and culture of children and youth in other countries. The motto is “Children Helping Children”. The Canadian Bishops endorse the program. The goal of Holy Childhood Association is to awaken and instill a missionary consciousness in children. The Holy Childhood Association have financially assisted millions of children in areas of nutrition, protection of life, health, spirituality and education. Pius XII is proud to be able to help in this mission.

Our Parish

Holy Redeemer
1887 Bancroft Dr.
Sudbury, ON

About Pope Pius XII

Pope Pius XII was born on March 2, 1876 in Italy. He was named Eugino Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli. After serving as the Secretary of State for Pope Pius XI, he was elected Pope in 1939. Throughout World War II, he worked to save many Holocaust victims through church ransoms, documents and asylum.

Pope Pius XII died on October 9, 1958. 


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