* Please note that this list may combine current and previous school year staff until the first or second week of September. If clarification is required please contact the school.
Louise Franklin Principal
Guy Mathieu Principal
Brenda Barbe Secretary
Lisa Lachapelle Grade 1
Theresa Giroux Grade 1 & 2
Emilie Brunet-Poirier Grade 2
Jessica Pigozzo Grade 2
Karleigh Davidson Grade 2 & 3
Majella Batchilder Grade 3 & 4
Jonathan Tourville Grade 4
Amanda Schiafone Grade 5
Jill Loranger Grade 6
Noreen Pellatt Communication
Chantal St. Pierre Core French
Colleen Bolger Early Child Educator
Kelly Longarini Early Child Educator
Melissa Beaton Full Day Kindergarten
Shannon Read-Pastre Full Day Kindergarten
Dominic Beaudry Native Studies
Stacey Heaphy Prep Time
Stephanie Posso Prep Time
Chantal St. Pierre Prep Time
Jennifer Hyndman Resource
Sabrina Kutchaw Resource
Fallon Bennett Educational Assistant
Daniel Griffith Educational Assistant
Laurie Olivier Educational Assistant
Christina Pierobon Educational Assistant
John Vautier Custodian
Joseph Paluch Assistant Custodian
John Vautier Assistant Custodian
Jeannette Bernier Lunch Room Supervisor
Ann Petryna Lunch Room Supervisor
Laurie Robitaille Lunch Room Supervisor
Mireille Dussiaume Lunch Room Supply
Colette Mcleod Lunch Room Supply
Meaghan Gouchie Supply Early Child Educator
Lisa-Lynn Hunter Supply Early Child Educator

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